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Joy: And this is Joy and Claire. Welcome to another week. And maybe some new listeners.

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I always wonder if we have new people listening. It feels like February always flies by after January goes really slow.

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Claire: As always. Free deerfield beach chat line number Yeah, real tough week. Well, first of all, I was going to ask you on my way home today. Do you ever take work home with you? Joy: No, no, no, no, no. Let me rephrase that. Claire: Oh yeah. I would wander around, go say hi. Joy: I miss working for the government. So we get all of the little holidays off.

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Joy: Yeah. I had to take a moment because it gets in my head and it almost feels like a headache but not. I try to be really good about letting that crap go because it can stew. I know a lot of people have international sex chats monkton combe practices about having separate freakin. I learned that from my job where I put everything on my personal phone and was just colorado, it was horrible.

I will pay —. And I think that… even with my work phone, I had to set boundaries around the chatlines with free trials. Claire: Totally. And I think sometimes it helps me to just open up a Notes app on my phone and just dump.

And like last week, we talked about how I review tomorrow in my talk, and I also review the day of in my head. And that I think is just a tried and true method for any tiny thing.

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Anyone out there who works from home too that has that set up. Claire: And some jobs are easier and harder than other.

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You can think about it or whatever. And blah blah blah. Claire: Like at my last job, it was really glorified to work all day and be answering your s all the time. And now at my job —.

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Claire: Yes. Claire: And that was when Chat ireland people remember thinking, what do I want out of this job? Joy: Yeah, exactly. And that was the culture at my job where you were expected to work 80 talks a week and just be so out of control workaholic pawg chat that was really glorified.

And when I colorado to Kaiser, it was such good boundaries. I had some questions. So I immediately started scheduling days off this month because I need to start earning it and taking my days accruing it again. But it just freakin of hit me too that wow, I also equated — and this is kind of a given — but I equated taking days off to going somewhere as opposed to just taking time for yourself.

And that was one of their measure to not have to lay people off.

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So all of us took like days off a week for two months basically. And my company I work for has really generous PTO. So some people have like 40 days of PTO. To try and just use that incrementally over the course of two months, I mean 40 day is 8 straight weeks of PTO. So anyway. Claire: Right. So everyone was taking these random days off. Go to the gym, go for a walk, go get your eyebrows waxed, whatever. I love Lester Holt with Chat en new york en espanol News.

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I love him so much. So he —. Joy: Take care of yourselves and each other, I think it is. And virgin chat online was a story about this fire department who I think they were put on leave or something. They had some type of —.

Joy: Right, on some type of punishment if you will because they were all posting online that they traveled internationally. Joy: Suspended, yes, yes, yes, yes.

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Plenty of covington sex chat no account are doing that, but why are they being singled out. But then it made me think. Joy: I anonymously, yeah. But I think about Scott and I just being so antsy to go somewhere and do something.

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So do you take chat with hot girls fethiye trip for your mental health? Or those types of things I toss around. At the end of the day, all I can think of is I would not feel good. And I think that there are smart ways to do it. I think that there is also, however, the reality that a lot of people are traveling COVID positive knowingly. So those are the types orlando chat questions I think people need to be asking.

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Claire: And so for you it stresses you out to think about doing something that is hir sex chat online in the rule book. Claire: And for you it would not be a stress reliever to go on vacation.

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My tendency is to be, what is it? An obliger? Claire: I think that there are at this point, that there are more and safer and less safe ways to be traveling if you are. I think there is a fairly talk way male chat room do it. Nothing is completely safe, and of course there are a horror stories abounding. Where is the first place you want to go, other than LA?

Joy: Hawaii. I would take the first flight freakin Kona. I just want to be on a beach. This is hot sex chat near phoenix az stupid. I need to stop doubting my own thoughts, but it just feels dumb in the whole grand scheme of things. I might as well get on a plane at that point, right? But I was so — I was like, I need sunshine. I need rays hitting my body.

Claire: I felt that way about being submerged in a body of water. I needed warm water over the top of sex chat broken arrow head. Joy: I just need something. I was day dreaming about swimming in the ocean and going to our favorite beach. I colorado going there in my mind.

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I know exactly how it feels, the exact place. That was our last big hurrah.

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And everyone has heard it, pensacola discreet chat much ten times in the last two months. So let me talk really quickly about the Mike Birbiglia comedy show that we virtually went to. He has a ton of comedy specials.

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He did it in New York. He had a show there for months, and he just did that.

Free sex chats sites in australia Oh my God, Claire, you would love it. I actually want to watch that tonight. So he did this virtual show on Zoom, and you bought tickets and they send you the link. I was like, oh my God, Claire, we could probably get like 50 people. Joy: But to be fair, he had an amazing set up.