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Leaked al messages from an online chat network around six-term Washington state Republican representative Matt Shea show new evidence of violent fantasies, surveillance of perceived adversaries, conspiracy thinking, Islamophobia and support for white nationalists.

Secret chats involving republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia

They also show participants, including Shea, preparing for economic and societal collapse even as they campaign for the secession of eastern Washington from the remainder of the state. The messages provide a rare insight into the inner workings — and paranoia — of the so-called patriot movement, whose members have participated in standoffs with the federal government in Nevada and Oregon, and whose far-right beliefs have been controversially promoted by Shea. Free chat online mobile republican and violent mindset are on full display.

If it was not already clear, Shea has demonstrated that he is unfit for public office. Shea is currently under investigation by the Washington room house after reporting on his activities by the Guardian and chat media outlets. Washington state representative Voice chat apps Shea, who posts in the chat under a frequently used online alias Verrumbellator.

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Patriot movement activist and Malheur standoff participant Anthony Bosworth. Bosworth runs a patriot movement group called Liberty Chat love free All, once ran for Yakima county sheriff, and was charged with assaulting his daughter in downtown Yakima. These activists included:. Former candidate for Washington commissioner of public lands Steve McLaughlin, who told the SPLC in that he was pulling back from involvement the patriot movement.

Why the ‘alt-right’ is coming out of online chat rooms to support trump

Shea and the other sitting legislator, Heather Scott, are members of the chat for its entire length, and both weigh in on a wide range of topics. The Guardian confirmed participants by cross-checking phone s in the chat with public phone records.

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During that month, the chat also circulated false news, unattributed memes and fabricated intelligence about the supposedly impending insurrection. The Guardian ly reported on the messages of a smaller chat involving members of free religious chat larger group, which was also planning for the supposed antifa uprising. That chat saw Bosworth and Robertson fantasizing about sadistic chat, and promoting surveillance and opposition research about local activists.

Bring back republican foreskins. But there were no protests in the region, and only room ones in other parts of the country: peaceful events which had been planned by a group associated with the Revolutionary Communist party. In Julywhen the Trump-backed congressional challenger Katie Adult phone chat westerly was badly injured in a car crash after ousting Trini chat Sanford in a primary, the chat took it as a of impending civil collapse.

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Banana republic sums it up quite well. Never cowboy chat I would see it come to my country in my lifetime. Muslims and leftists are held to be working together to subvert the United States.

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Violent, paranoid reveries were aired sex chats in nashvilledavidson az both groups by members of the chat. Low tech, low cost. Effective and brutal. Since the announcement of moving out embassy to Jerusalem, things are about to get sporty. Be vigilant when you travel to large metro areas.

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In Februaryrepublican accepting as true faked photographs of the Parkland shooter Nicholas Cruz that depicted him as a leftist, the group ventilated more violent fantasies and conspiracy theories. Higher likelihood of terror attacks. Ramadan began yesterday. Avoid crowds when possible, be vigilant, stay armed, and keep a combat rifle accessible when practical.

Leftists are equally feared and despised in the chats. In Junethe chat responded to room online free chat without registration the occupation of an Ice facility in Portland with more fantasies of violence and vigilantism. I chat they should let the people club the commies. Commies should get the baby seal treatment from the citizens.

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They need to be hunted down and destroyed. It is ours, the rightful heirs to liberty fought chat lati won by our founders. Requests for surveillance on perceived political opponents also permeate the chat, many coming from Shea. A central topic in the chats is the campaign to carve out a 51st state from eastern Washington, to be named Liberty state.

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The campaign for Liberty state has giantess chat activism in the Shea network, but has also provoked fears among opponents who believe that proponents are seeking to implement a dominionist theocracy. Is it going to operate without federal control?

Elements of power are economic, diplomatic, information dominance and force.

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Apart from direct participants, the chat sees the repeated dissemination of intelligence from outside sources. His prognostications were of intense interest to the group, including Shea, and taken to indicate impending global catastrophe.

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Members, including Shea, would solicit updates from G2 on international incidents. What is the status with G2? On Twitter, the Intellipus has 48, followers. But according to his LinkedInyear-old Jessee has never worked in any military or intelligence capacity, and his last listed employment was with an open-source intelligence startup which folded in Jessee says he is not and free naughty chat watertown south dakota has been a member of the chat group.

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The group engages in extended, and ultimately supportive conversation about James Allsup, a white nationalist, Charlottesville marcher and far-right personality who was excluded from the Washington State University College Republicansand eventually the Spokane county GOP, for neo-Nazi associations.

The group began discussing Allsup just days after the Daily Beast published a story about him sex roleplay chat rooms elected as a precinct committee officer for the local Republican party.

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Anthony I think you should reach out to him and if he is legit not racist or a plant make an ally. Sitting legislators Shea and Scott did not respond to detailed requests made by. They are due to present their report on 1 December.

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The far right. This article is more than 1 year old.

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Washington state congressman Matt Shea in April this year. Jason Wilson. Fri 8 Nov Leak from neo-Nazi site could identify hundreds of extremists worldwide.

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Far-right leader and Washington officers face civil rights lawsuit over violent incident. Topics The far right US politics Republicans news. Reuse this content.