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January 25th, General. Long before AOL, long before My Space, long before the internet itself kids discovered chat rooms courtesy of the telephone company. Having four older sisters the telephone was a big part of every day life. My teen-aged free chatting in lancaster without registration spent hours on the telephone. They were on the phone so much in fact that eventually our father gave in and let them get their own telephone. I remember that black metal dial model well. I have no idea who thailand chatter of it first or how it happened.

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And that busy al, as it does today would make the familiar sound…. The word got out and school kids from the entire area spent hours on the Beep-beep line trying to meet new people. Usually it was the chat new friends trying to meet girls.

Who -beep- Is — beep- This?

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Then the respondent would say…. This -beep- Is — beep- Dennis -beep- -beep. It was really cool! Years went by and our family moved back to the Detroit area where he were from originally.

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I remember telling my friends in north school about the Beep-beep Line that we had in Alabama. One evening while teen in a pay phone booth, room my parents for transportation I got a busy al. A friend was standing with me just outside webtv chat room booth and we were talking between us sacramento chat I held the phone up to my ear, busy al in progress.

Suddenly I heard a voice between beeps of the busy al. I brought back my memory of the Beep-beep Line in Alabama. I yelled into the handset between beeps…. Before long I was talking to a girl from my school. Within days we had our sex chat on line Beep-beep Line going.

It spread like wild fire. Then just as quickly as it started it went away. Someone from the Telephone Company must have discovered our use of their line—maybe equipment chats just happened to be occurring at the same time, but the Beep-beep line ended. Perhaps you have memories of a Beep-beep Line. David Zemens responds: Posted: January 25th, at pm. I do remember those Dennis, now that you refresh my memory. We thought it miami a big deal at the time that we had three phones in the house.

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Only one phonebut three extensions. All black. Just like Henry Ford would have wanted it!

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Roger Wellington-Oguri responds: Posted: February 20th, at am. I decided to see whether anyone else remembered it, and found this blog.

We lived in suburban St. Louis, and it was iranian chat It was all the rage for awhile. Dennis Markham responds: Posted: February 20th, at am. Thanks Roger for your posting! Lisa Williams responds: Posted: February 24th, at pm. Too funny that I decided to Google this phrase just now, vi porn chat others are remembering it.

Last I checked it on-line, a few years ago, I found maybe two references to the beep line. My older cousin gave me the to call after I tried it at her house, sometime in the 40 chat sixties. I did end up talking to a couple of guys after best chat sex their. I was very naive and eventually asked them over to visit. My mom freaked out when they showed up. As I say, I was naive. Nonetheless, nothing bad happened, and I think that by and large it was harmless adolescent fun whose chief downside was tying up the family phone for hours on end!

Dennis Markham responds: Posted: February 24th, at pm.

Thank you Lisa for sharing your experiences. Our telephone was always busy! Of adult chat near ruskin those days were long before call waiting. Russell responds: Posted: June 29th, at am. Paul area. It was usually the local radio station request line, which was always busy, that we would call.

I remember staying up all night talking to one girl after the other from the Jam Line.

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We always shout out our phone s between the beeps and called each other back. It was great fun! I actually have some old audio tape asexual chat room of the Jam Line, as well as some of the telephone conversations free porn chat online had recorded. Dennis Markham responds: Posted: June 29th, at am. Thanks Russel for your comment. But as you said, it was lots of fun.

It would be great to hear your recordings of that time.

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Thanks again for taking the time to comment! Karen Hart responds: Posted: July 24th, at pm. Thank you thank you! I thought I was nuts! No one else seemed to know about this but me! It was a blast! Ironic… now everyone is 50 in the talk to new friends online, pretending chat sex tamil be 16…. Dennis Markham responds: Posted: July 24th, at pm. Thank you Karen for stopping by and visiting Vintage Rotary Phones!

I know there are others out there with similar stories. Thanks also for the link to your web site.

I tiel chat take the time to visit latino voices chat line completely. Maxine Rutz Dingeman responds: Posted: July 29th, at pm.

It occured when too many people dialed the same at the same time. Usually in response to a radio contest. The more people on crosswires the lower the sound of the busy al. Fred responds: Posted: August 2nd, at pm. The same down here in South Florida. In my youth back in the late 70s through at least the mid 80s, we would experience the exact same thing frequently.

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You can also hear people terminating their calls and others popping in at the same. Everyone can hear each other and talk to each other, too.

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Eventually, teen a couple of minutes, the CO would drop you. Another philippines girls chat that I used to experience from that CO was after dialing ayou would hear multiple parties all in conversation at the same time but not chat the other parties in the conversation with no tone al of any type in the background.

They would not be able to hear me, either. Rosemary responds: Posted: February 22nd, at pm. We met lots of friends miami way. I guess it lasted a long time but as I got older we went to dances and ice room parlors to meet people, as well as cyo games and neighborhood house functions.

I grew up in Looking to chat through the storm, NY by the way. Lisa Williams responds: Posted: July 17th, at pm. I happened to stumble back in here after having posted small chats years ago, and I north to add a couple of things.