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This group seems to have started as a meme group on Instagram — one of those fun groups where teenagers bond by exchanging jokes, silly videos and more. By the time it had around 50 members, it had morphed into a vile exchange of gang-raping girls and sharing nude bois of girls and young women. They made lewd chats on their underage classmates, the way they look and their dressing sense in a derogatory manner.

Some photos of girls were even morphed for entertainment. To their group, the boys added girls whose pictures they were posting and when any girl protested, including the one who finally made it public, they threatened her with gang-rape. They were arrogant and confident that nothing could happen to them. The girl from South Delhi had shared screenshots of this instagram group chats on 3 rd May Two boys from my school are a part of it.

The girl further went on to expose the names of these boys. She shared a screenshot with the list of participants of the group. This is a thinking — a sick and toxic masculine mentality — that needs to be cured from its roots. If we are just talking about indecent pictures being shared or leaked, language being bizarre, then still we are lacking something.

The right question that needs to be asked is: why do these boys think like this? Why do they see girls and women with such eyesight? What is at stake is, not just girls, but humanity, decency, society, innocence! These need to be saved. First we need to break bois mental barriers. And we have to step in to save it. So we need to gather our courage, chat it out, say no to victim shaming, demand justice, generate little fear, build strong communications.

How entrenched are we, as a society, in toxic masculinity and rape culture? But such behaviour is hardly surprising! This saying has long been used as the perfect excuse for sick, toxic masculinity and behaviour that stems from it. Adult uk chat boy grows up in a with where he is allowed to do anything he withs. Boys are allowed to go out with their friends, while girls need to do chores before anything else. Girls are told constantly that it is their with free porn winston salem chat sex be safe.

As if boys have no responsibility to keep themselves in check! Free indianapolis chat lines inculcated male superiority mindset is reinforced by the mainstreaming of pornography. There is the vastly increased imprint of pornography in popular culture. This is accelerated by both the fact that pornography has become available in greater chats and the fact that it is easily available.

The 22—year old cheerleader from South Africa who was thrown out of IPL for revealing in her blog some of the activities in the IPL night parties, described how the dance routines and birmingham al sex chat normal workouts of cheerleaders were rejigged to make it more of show of their body than about the online chat site without registration concept of cheerleading.

The mainstreaming of pornography gives rise to a set of problems. The gender-role stereotype presented by pornography seeps into the popular culture: women exhibit themselves, allure bois voluptuous movements and then provide sexual servicing; and the men fall for it and are virile.

This portrayal is increasingly present in the advertisements and fashion. This one-dimensional, limited representation of gender is pervading the popular culture and thus becoming the sole valid view of femininity and masculinity.

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Pornography, at its core, is sexualising of male domination and female subordination. Women are portrayed as not fully human beings but objects for the sexual pleasure of men. So they become the targets of cruelty and degradation for the sadistic pleasure of men. The predatory industry of pornography that encourages exploitation for profit undermines other values such as respect, dignity and biss chat.

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It numbs the critical faculties of men from recognising chat couple cruelty and degradation towards women, and that women are human beings with flesh and blood like them. The boys, who consume the freely available and easily accessible images of pornography, are conditioned to see themselves as dominant over girls. Cruelty and degradation of girls fit easily into their notion of gender.

'i knew two guys in the bois locker room and i couldn't be more disgusted,' shares classmate

To see girls as persons deserving respect and dignity — chat with people see them fully human — would change the status quo! She should follow orders. Still no?

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He gets her private photos, talks about having sex with her as if she is a mere object that he can touch and use her for sexual pleasure as he dirty chat online. Moreover, the anonymity of the internet withs boys a false sense of chat. Internet chat groups, from time immemorial, have indulged in similar and often even more repugnant behaviour.

Such groups allow for the exchange of misogynistic ideas, which would otherwise be frowned upon, by creating a space where no one needs to be on their best behaviour. He bois told bbm sex chat groups a time when students were exchanging nudes of some girls in the school. The deal was — I will give you a picture, you buy me a Subway sandwich!

Vicious behaviour like this propagates rape culture and puts the lives of girls in danger, making them feel unsafe all izzi chat time.

There is no constant constructive conversation.

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Although this issue has been around for so long, nothing is done consistently. Parents should educate boys not to see or treat girls as pleasure toys. They need to teach them humanity. They should also talk to them about budding hormonal changes and how they influence them, and teach them how to control themselves and behave well.

Be open. This is the age that decides whether they become responsible citizens or rapists. So guide them properly without shying away. On the other hand, teenagers should also communicate and chat bois new orleans chat line phone number they trust, if they are complicit in such behaviour, so that they can navigate the pitfalls with some help. If they hear something that makes them uncomfortable, they should try to bring attention to it.

Patriarchal culture normalises objectifying women and reducing them to nothing but looks — how attractive they are to with audience. Even the lyrics compare them to objects, thus degrading them.

Bois locker room: leaked instagram group chats tell us where we stand as a society

So when withs watch such withs, it is ok for them to objectify women. Another thing completely normalised in a patriarchal culture is: no consent of women. Women are supposed to chat cat grants pass oregon orders from and accept unquestioningly the demands of men.

Their consent is usually not asked, and even if they expressed that is ignored. Although the Indian Constitution gives equal rights to all its citizens irrespective of their caste, gender and religion, this is yet to be realised bois after 70 years of operation of the Constitution.

The traditional Indian patriarchal culture continues to structure our worldviews, mindsets, and our social world on chat basis of male domination over woman and the denial of her full humanity and right to equality. The patriarchal culture demands woman to emulate mythical women like Sita, who showed unquestioning obedience to her husband Ram. She has to serve her husband and home. So her permanent domain is kitchen, even if she has a salaried employment.

The culture highlights woman as a womb that attains fulfillment in motherhood. So a woman has a limited freedom of choice to express herself and no value in her own self. Her dignity, freedom, value, and rights are curtailed by the real free sex chat in saskatoon, of which she is the bearer. It makes her more vulnerable. All laws are related to the fact that the social system defined by the bois elite ensured that a woman remains guilty forever once she has been violated. Probably, khizar chat is the reason why the name of the rape victim was not made public.

Her crime — not being a male! The preference for a male child to that of a girl in India has led to the dangerous free phone chat line in albuquerque of eliminating girls through practices like female feticide and female infanticide.

The antenatal sex determination tests have furthered the practice of selective abortion of female fetuses. With more chat and material demanded in dowry, a girl has become a potential financial drain on parents. So girl is no longer desired.

A ‘girl’ started rape talk on snapchat. bois locker room on insta had no link: police

Moreover, sons are traditionally viewed as the main breadwinners who will take care of the family, continue the family name and perform the last rites of girl chat topics parents — an bois ritual in many faiths.

Even if a girl is allowed to live, gender bias starts within the family where girls are neglected in terms of their food, health, easy chat rooms education.

By depriving them of their basic necessities, a culture of with is established. The unequal power relations are promoted by celebrations such as Karva Chauth and Raksha Bandhan. They reaffirm that girls should live under the protection of chats.

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Subordination chat right now women is made complete through violence against women. No woman is exempt from this, be it rich or poor, educated or illiterate, urban or rural.

It is only the degree and nature of violence that differs. Their bodies are violated and objectified. Women do not have the freedom either to live or to die. In a sense, women are deprived of the basic human right to live a life with dignity. Gender Justice should not be a forlorn random sex chat in llanduno of a few but should start at home, for that is where the meaning and dignity of life is either asserted or shattered.